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How This Is Not Art Festival Got Its Name

Tuesday, Aug 5, 2014




Newcastle Blogs

Monday, Apr 7, 2014



Trevor Dickinson works on The Lucky Country mural, 22 April 2011. Photo – Siobhan Curran.


At Saturday’s Newcastle Writers Festival session ‘Rough & Tumblr: Blogging Newcastle‘ I’d hoped to reference some Newcastle blogs that I subscribe to but we ran out of time. So here’s a list.




All The Streets in Newcastle

Ben Howland’s Tumblr


Brett McDonald’s Tumblr

Coal River Working Party

Dylan Smyth’s Tumblr

East End Footprints

Found In Newcastle

Hamilton North

Hidden Hamilton


Little Eco Footprints

Little Housein a Tsunami

Newcastle Appearances

Newcastle Now & Then


Pink Patent Mary Janes


Swamp Life

The New Industrial

The View From King Street

This Untidy, Smoky City

West End Adventures


The act of blogging is a fickle thing. People get busy. Inspiration takes a holiday. Passwords get forgotten. So some of these accounts have had little or no  activity for some time, but I hold out hope that they will return. Others post with such regularity I think I might have fears for their well-being if they suddenly ceased posting.


If I’m missing out on a Newcastle-based blog, please do let me know in the comments. Sharing is caring!


Thanks to Keri Glastonbury for inviting me to take part in the NWF panel, and to my fellow panellists Michael Newton of Showbag and Mark MacLean of Hamilton North for sharing your story about why you blog Newcastle. Newcastle rocks.

Around Town

Friday, Apr 4, 2014


Sian Edwards
Sian Edward’s handmade mesh jewellery as seen at Renew Newcastle‘s Open Day on 29 March. Photo – Siobhan Curran


Being new in Newcastle


…leads to awesome adventures.


Mug rainbow.


Wedding photos in Newcastle are never average.


Moon says ‘Boo!


Mark MacLean sure can write a good speech.


A diverse port (the only things missing are a cruise ship and some porpoise).


Chance of a Rachel Milne portrait by supporting HMRI research (win-win!) .


What’s missing from your suburban main street shops?


Newcastle bloggers represent at Newcastle Writers Festival on Saturday. Come say hi.

Around Town

Thursday, Dec 5, 2013


Secret #1 revealed: 15 minutes for 10 cents.


Secret #2 revealed: pool pass-outs.


Engagement photos not at Newcastle baths.


The smell of coal smoke.


Mapping the Port of Newcastle…


…which is where it’s all happening.


A most prolific architect (thank goodness).


A 93-year old walks all the streets in Newcastle.


A painting a day.   Another artist revealing the mundane in a completely new light.


The Regal reopens late January…in the meatime.


One new retail venture about to open (art objects!).


Plus another (cakes!)


And one more (bakery!).


Also, in case you’ve been living under a rock…One Penny Black’s new digs.


Residents of A-town rejoice.


For art & cultural events around town, I am testing out a calendar.

Around (Old) Town

Wednesday, Aug 14, 2013



Newcastle from Civic, date unknown, photograph 20x15cm, courtesy State Records of NSW.


Newcastle Now & Then exhibition opens this Friday at Newcastle Library’s Lovett Gallery.


Newcastle Yesteryears (with Man From Snowy River soundtrack…)


The Ballad of Les Darcy teaser will be produced.


Windale aka Surprisetown.


The return of The Regal.


Our ‘act of defiance against an obstinate tide of industrial decline


Girls in the news for all the wrong reasons.


The original Lost Newcastle.


Some Newcastle blogs:










Around Town

Friday, Jul 12, 2013





Welcome to Newcastle with Zookraft.


These are the people in your neighbourhood.


Ride the city = bike hire spots.


Or maybe stationary bikes are more your thing?


Monuments that move you.


Did Jiya the rude cockatiel ever return home?


All signs point to The Regal.


What’s in your glass?


Monster awakenings in Newcastle’s streets.


Artists and their shoes.


Ever wanted to live (or exhibit) at The Lock-Up?


PS The winner of the Style Trader giveaway is Sally Crossman. x

Around Town

Friday, Feb 1, 2013



‘Polyfox’ by Sarah Mould at The Emporium Galleria. Photo – Siobhan Curran.




Quite a good line-up for GTM this year.




Wine tasting at Wickham.


Cheeky reviews of Newcastle cafes.


Inside the home of Rod & Marley.


Accidental breakation in Newcastle a success!


Around Town

Friday, Jan 25, 2013




Merewether Baths – pic by Siobhan Curran


You go first


Newcastle is hosting its very own writers festival.


Sleepover at The Lock-Up!


First there was Newcastle Now. Then there was Newcastle Meow.


Why fine arts & Newcastle Art School is so great.


Two Newcastle cafes feature on a Most Popular Cafes of Australia list of 2012. Can you guess which ones?


Pencils sharpened? The Big Draw is today!


An inspiring Novocastrian gives a ripping Australia Day address.


The last Friday Chill of the season (can you believe it’s nearly February?!)


Triple Js Hottest 100 of 2013 is so, well, 2013. 1989 is where it’s at, people.


This would make for a nice Sunday drive.

The Big Draw

Thursday, Jan 24, 2013



L: The Big Draw Map by Liz Anelli


The Big Draw began as an initiative of the UK-based organisation The Campaign for Drawing whose mission is to eradicate the phrase ‘I can’t draw’. They began The Big Draw as one-day event in 2000 that would promote the use of drawing for learning, thought, creativity, and social and cultural engagement for all. It has now grown into the world’s biggest annual celebration of drawing with hundreds of thousands of people from all over the UK meeting in museums, galleries, schools, community centres, libraries and halls during the month of October to pick up a pencil and draw.


Now it’s Australia’s turn.


Newcastle will host to the largest Big Draw event in Australia to date from tommorrow Friday 25 January with free public drawing events scheduled between 10am and 4pm at locations around the Civic Precinct. Check out the interactive map on the Newcastle City Council website for a run-down of what’s on where. It’s a pretty mind-boggling schedule. You can start at one end of the map or the other and draw a line through all the events taking place in between or dip your toe in and out depending on how much time you have.


The Big Draw is for people who think they don’t have what it takes to call themselves ‘a good drawer’. There will be lots of activities using a wide variety of subject matter as inspiration and hosts of ‘good drawers / people who can colour within the lines’ who will provide an encouraging environment that will take your scribbles to the next level. Bring along your kids and don’t forget mum and dad. It’s going to be a drawing love-in. As a pretty average drawer (stick men count, right?) even I’m excited!


Whilst I believe there to be many people responsible for organising the in’s and out’s around this event, I understand the mastermind behind bringing The Big Draw to Newcastle in the first place is relative newcomer to Newcastle, Liz Anelli. You might recognise her incredible drawing skillz in The Big Draw map above, but if you’re new to Liz’s work you can get some background via this interview on TNF last year.


I caught up with Liz in her home studio last week where I got to drink coffee, meet her Henry VIII drawing and the letterpress collection and talk about excellent people who can draw. Unsurprisingly, my name did not come up. Afterward we wandered up to Newcastle Library to see the Alison Lester exhibition (until 25 February). If you have kids you most likely would have come across Alison’s work, but by far and away our favourite Alison Lester book is Sophie Scott Goes South. This exhibit is an exploration of Alison’s collaboration with children to produce the illustrations for that exact book which was inspired by her journey to Antarctica. It’s completely fascinating and serves as the prime example that you don’t have to be a professional illustrator to be a good drawer, though it does help if you want to get published :) What’s also really cool is that Alison will be at Newcastle Library tomorrow as part of The Big Draw!


The children’s drawings that Alison draws from are insightful and never wrong. Alison’s work exemplifies The Campaign for Drawing’s mission. As with most creative endeavours many of us grow up to believe we are not good at this or that when in fact our varied talents and capacities is precisely what makes art interesting. Humans could draw before they could articulate much better via many other mediums. We are born with the ability to draw and we must continue!




Liz Anelli and her letterpress collection in her home studio  – Photo by Siobhan Curran


This Is Not Art 2012 – My Schedule

Thursday, Sep 27, 2012




Well it’s that time of year again when This Is Not Art (TiNA) fills all the nooks and crannies of Newcastle’s CBD with emerging and experimental arts & media (Critical Animals), cross-disciplinary theatre & performance (Crack Theatre Festival) and emerging writers, publishers & performers (National Young Writers’ Festival). As such, I have dutifully scoured the program for my picks with definitely have a National Young Writers’ Festival slant to them.


There’s three events I will be taking part in; Renew Newcastle’s Spring City Walk this evening (I’ll be leading one of the tour groups) and the Secret Newcastle Tour (again, leading the tour) on Friday afternoon at 2pm, plus the Storytelling Expo (speaking on how I found stories for Secret Newcastle) later that evening.


And to all the Novocastrians out there who think TiNA is not for them, I would highly recommend at least visiting the Zine & Art Fair on Sunday at King St Car Park – there’s food, music and lots of fun, creative stalls. It’s a great toe-dipper to get you ready to jump right into TiNA 2013.


Oh, and if you haven’t already, pledge your support for TiNA by becoming a Friend of the Festival. It’s only $20 to show your appreciation for a nationally recognised festival that decides to roost each year in Newcastle, bringing with it culture, ideas, energy, interstate tourists and their dollars.


And so, on to my schedule. I don’t know about you, but Sunday is looking especially flavoursome.



5pm – 6.30pm
Renew Newcastle’s Spring City Walk
Start: Make Space, 200 Hunter St Mall

7pm – 8pm
TiNA Official Launch
Great Northern Hotel, 89 Scott St

11pm – 12.30pm
Late Night Reading #1: Fifty Shades of Cray
The Royal Exchange, 34 Bolton St



11am to 12pm
Hate Yourself: The art of self-editing
Staple Manor (Curve Gallery), 37 Watt St

12pm to 1pm
How To Write Politically
The Great Northern Hotel, 89 Scott St

2pm to 3pm
Secret Newcastle Tour
Start: Staple Manor (Curve Gallery), 37 Watt St

4.30pm to 6pm
Would You Rather
The Great Northern Hotel, 89 Scott St

6pm – 9.30pm
Storytelling Expo
The Royal Exchange, 34 Bolton St

9.30pm – 11pm
In The Dark
Staple Manor (Curve Gallery), 37 Watt St



11am to 12pm
Who’s Getting Grants (and how)
The Royal Exchange, 34 Bolton St

1pm to 2.30pm
I’ve Started A Blog… Now I’m A Critic
Crackhouse, Suite 40, Marketplace, Hunter St Mall

2pm to 3pm
Surviving An Abbott Government
Gun Club (United Services Club), 57 Watt St

4pm to 5.30pm
Searching For A New Media Festival
McIntyre Theatre, Newcastle Museum, Workshop Way

6pm to 7pm
Best Idea Wins
The Royal Exchange, 34 Bolton St



10am to 11.30am
Breakfast Reading Session
Good Brother Espresso, 40 King St

10am to 4pm
Zine and Artist Rooftop Market
King St Carpark

12pm to 1pm
Travel Writing
The Lock-Up Cultural Centre, 90 Hunter St

1pm to 2pm
Writing For Radio
The Lock-Up Cultural Centre, 90 Hunter St

2pm to 4pm
Women of Letters
Civic Theatre Playhouse, 375 Hunter St

4.30pm to 5.30pm
Who’s Gonna Make It On The Internet?
Tiki Bar, The Great Northern Hotel, 89 Scott St

5pm to 6.30pm
Spelling Bee
The Great Northern Hotel, 89 Scott St

6.30pm to 8pm
Should I Stay, Or Should I Go (and come back later)?
Tiki Bar, The Great Northern Hotel, 89 Scott St

8pm to 9.30pm
Championship Vinyl
The Royal Exchange, 34 Bolton St

11pm to 12am
Late Night Reading #3: Things We Should Have Seen Coming
The Royal Exchange, 34 Bolton St


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