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How This Is Not Art Festival Got Its Name

Tuesday, Aug 5, 2014




Mitch Resevsky

Wednesday, Feb 6, 2013

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L: Inside the Newcastle West home of Mitch Resevsky with one of his works on display. R: Mitch rests in front of the backdrop for the in-home mini skate ramp (!) Photos – Siobhan Curran.


Using Instagram to find local creative talent is a bit like panning for gold. You have to sift through a lot of dirt and gravel to find a glimmer. It was over the Christmas break that I found myself checking out the news feed of the people I already followed rather then using a wide-ranging search term (#newcastle = lots of Newcastle Brown Ale cans).


That’s when I chanced upon @mitchrevs. Specifically this pic. That’s when I hit pay dirt.


For someone so new to painting, I sense a pretty bright future.




Condensed CV:

I finished my HSC in 2007 with the intentions of having a gap year and get stuck into Uni the following year. It’s 2013 and I keep telling myself I will study next year. I’ve been doing freelance art/ design work here and there and it seems to be getting me by. In 2011 I moved to Byron Bay and worked for Skullcandy for 12 months.

I recently moved back to Newcastle and started working for Hurley Australia as an artist/ambassador. Life rules.


What has been your most memorable project?

Just recently, one of my friends had a building constructed right in front of his house, blocking his beach view. So we decided to replicate the beach stretch from Dixon Park to the Merewether Ocean Baths on his veranda wall. It was a really cool and fun project. I grew up around that part of town, which made it so much more heart filled and enjoyable.


What would be your dream project?

My dream project isn’t too far away. I’m planning a trip straight through the middle of Australia. I can’t tell you exactly what the idea is going to be, but let’s jut say I am going to give the outback a little more colour.

Also a solo exhibition would be super fun. That’s also very exciting!



L: The bright living space Mitch shares with two friends. R: The exterior of their home will be the next big painting project. Photos – Siobhan Curran.


What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Moving to Byron Bay was a big step for me, 8 hours away from my family and friends was difficult. I never really spent much time away form home and when I did it was with my family on vacations etc. I met some really cool people along the way and did some really stupid shit. I learnt some good life lessons and think that I’m a better person for it.

2011 was wild!



What is your most treasured possession?

I collect old cameras. I love everything about them, how they operate, how the feel and look, photo quality, absolutely everything. Just recently I bought myself a Mamiya RB67, for those who have no idea what type of camera this is, it’s a medium format camera. It shoots 120 – film and also has a Polaroid back. I haven’t shot a lot of film on this yet but I’m really looking forward to it.


What does a typical day at work involve for you?

My days vary and are usually pretty flexible. I shape surfboards at Redhead out of the 3P Surf Factory, I usually spend my morning out there tucked away in a little room with a face mask on. Most of the time I will grab a coffee and check the waves after work and if there is not much around I will lock myself in the studio.


Where do you derive creative inspiration?

Being a creative person I always have my mind open, waiting for that spark. I get a lot of ideas from reading books. I’m lucky to have such a positive friend circle. All my buddies are super creative and are always bouncing ideas around. I think being around good people has a lot to do with your creative process and motivation.



The second story, where pre-fab kitchens were once assembled, now Mitch’s studio space. Photo – Siobhan Curran.


Which other designers, artists or creative people are you most inspired by at the moment?

Where to begin…..

Jim Phillips – the King of surf/skate graphics. The guy is a guru, he has a pretty radical story too.

Ben Brown – another surf graphic artist. His style is wild!

HeraKut – this couple collaborate street art. They also have a rad story and a book called The Perfect Merge. If you like street art check it out. Really inspirational!

Alex Pardee – freelance artist, apparel designer and comics creator/writer. If you like monsters as much as I do, you will like his work.

Jean Michel Basquiat


What are some of your favourite websites or blogs? 

theselby.com – focuses on artists and profiles.

ffffound.com – the blog of all blogs.

thefancy.com – niche items, similar to eBay, but cool shit!


Apart from your work, what other interests, passions, hobbies do you have?

One thing I love more than anything is understanding an artist’s creative process, not necessarily fine artists, but also designers and musicians. I love watching the transformation of an idea. This is what brought me to start time lapsing my works.


60s, 70s, 80s and 90s surf art!


Music is something I was taught at a young age. My Dad signed me up for piano lessons and that gave me an ear for music. I went on to play drums and learn guitar. Music makes you groovy!



 L: Some of Mitch’s paintings upstairs in the studios, ‘Don’t worry about names for them’, he said. R: More works resting on the grind ledge with a  work in progress on the ground. Photos: Siobhan Curran.


How long have you been a Novocastrian?

I’ve been a Novocastrian since day dot.


Newcastle in a word?



What do you love and hate about living in Newcastle?

Newcastle is such a great place and I feel so lucky to have grown up here. There is so much talent and potential. I love everything about it. Steel City, I love the landscape, where the city meets the sea. We have beautiful beaches. We are surrounded be lovely people. I feel we are in the perfect place on the coastline, not to high and not too low. A balance is what you need to give you drive and motivation.

I would really love to see the train line be removed at the top of town. I understand it might make one’s travel a bit longer, to get to and from work etc, but this would make a big difference to the city. Hunter street/top of town has so much opportunity and it sucks to see nothing happening.


How is Newcastle different to anywhere else?

Newcastle is unique. I wouldn’t call it a big city, but also not too small. Everything is close by which makes it easy living. The only other place I have spent much time is Byron Bay. Byron Bay is a great place to set up although it’s getting super busy. I found it hard to stay grounded in Byron Bay. I think its easy to keep routine here in Newcastle.

We have beautiful beaches and a great community. I can’t pin point what it is, but there is something about the place that makes it really special.



 A piece sits in the studio, hiding in the shade. “It gets too hot up here in summer” says Mitch. Photo – Siobhan Curran


Where are your favourite places in Newcastle / Hunter to:


+ eat

Bank Corner Café (Bellevue St, Newcastle West). It’s 1 minute from my house and has great coffee and food. The staff are lovely and it has a super cool vibe.


+ drink

The Beach Hotel (cnr Frederick & Ridge St, Merewether) is the spot! Right on the water, mixed crowd, you always bump into someone you know, pool and Buckhunter. What more could you ask for?


+ shop

I’m not big on shopping and when I do it’s online. I must admit I do like walking around in those little dollar stores. I always leave with something stupid and it occupies me for a few hours.


+ play

There is lots to do near Bar Beach. The skate park, bat ball courts and the ocean all within meters. Seems to be where all the groms congregate.


+ relax

My girl lives in Sydney, so I spend my weekends down there. It’s good to get away from home, relax in a different environment. My house in Newcastle is my workspace so I constantly feel the need to be doing something.


What is Newcastle / Hunter’s best-kept secret?

Magic Mountain


Website: mitchrevs.com
Instagram: @mitchrevs




Every home needs a mini skate ramp with wall art by Mitch Resevsky. Photo – Siobhan Curran 



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